Broccoli Health Benefits – Nutrients Packed Vegetable

Broccoli Health Benefits

Broccoli benefits for skin, hair and health

Broccoli, the vegetable that belongs to the cabbage family is well known for its high nutrition value around the world. This cool-season vegetable, which may now be available all around the year, had unique phytonutrients that are present in the broccoli heads. Broccoli is of two types depending on their heads-sprouting and heading. Broccolis belonging to the heading family have characterized large and solid heads whereas the sprouting family broccoli’s have small florets. Broccoli health benefits are countless but here, we have tried to consolidate them to convince you to include this cabbage family vegetable in your daily diet.

1.     Broccoli helps in preventing cancer: it has now been proven that sulforaphane present in broccoli can kill the stem cells of cancer and thus hit cancer when it is at the root stage only. Similarly another compound present in broccoli – glucoraphanin act as a precursor for sulforaphane. This helps in boosting the enzymes of the cells, thereby enhancing the ability to fight against the damage caused by the chemicals leading to cancer. The indie-3-carbinol, an anti-oxidant compound present in broccoli has been found to hinder cervical, breast and prostate cancer growth in the body.

2.     Broccoli lowers cholesterol levels in the body: steamed broccoli is very beneficial if you wish to lower the cholesterol levels in the body. The soluble fibres present in broccoli bind with bile acids. Due to this binding, the bile acids can be easily excreted from the body, lowering the levels of cholesterol in the body.

3.     Protection against inflammation and allergic reactions: kaempferol is present in abundance in broccoli. Thus broccoli health benefits include lessening the allergens’ impact on the body. This kaempferol along with the isothiocyanates present in broccoli have anti-inflammatory properties. Broccoli, being a rich source of omega-3 fatty acids, also makes it useful for treating allergies.

4.     Excellent anti-oxidant and immune booster for the body: among many broccoli benefits, its anti-oxidant property is one of the most important ones. Also, broccoli is one of the richest source of Vitamin C as well as that of flavonoids.

5.      Bone health: broccoli nutritional benefits include the maintenance of bone health. Broccoli being a rich source of calcium as well as Vitamin K keeps the bones healthy. Also, it reduces the risk of osteoporosis.

6.     Healthy heart with broccoli: broccoli health benefits also include protecting the blood vessels of the heart from damage. Sulforaphane present in broccoli enhances the production of enzymes which help to protect the blood vessels. The blood vessels of the heart, suffer damage due to inflammation, especially with people who have chronic diabetes. Thus, broccoli helps in controlling the inflammation of the blood vessels, keeping the heart-healthy.

7.     Detoxification of the body: a special group of phytonutrients including gluconasturtiin, glucoraphanin, and glucobrassicin are present in good combination in broccoli and helps together in the detoxification process of the body.

8.     Excellent diet supplement: broccoli has high fibre content and is very low in carbohydrates counting. Including broccoli helps in multiple ways like helping in digestion, controlling constipation, controlling hunger pangs and maintaining the sugar level of the body. Though broccoli sprouts are also sometimes consumed in place of broccoli sprouts health benefits are very low as compared to fully grown broccoli plants.

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