Health benefits of tea a modern day staple drink

Women drinking healthy tea and enjoyingDo tea has health benefits

How many of us are in the habit of starting our day with a cup of tea? Many and sometimes people are addicted to bed tea which means they simply refuse to put their foot down the bed unless they are served tea first thing in the morning. This “super-drink” always deserves a special place in our lives and we continue to include it in our daily lifestyle. Life without tea is unimaginable for thousands of people across the globe. Because of the various health benefits of tea, hundreds of cultures across the world promote its consumption. The major benefits of drinking tea are as follows:
1.     Lowers down the risk of heart-related diseases: the major health benefit of tea includes improving the flow of the body across the body. Tea works by broadening the arteries as well as by reducing the clots of the blood thus improving the flow of the blood. The antioxidants present in tea, called flavonoids, help in reducing the risk of on setting of heart diseases.
2.     Tea helps in preventing tooth decay: regular drinking of tea helps in strengthening the teeth and it also lowers down the risk of tooth decay. Fluoride helps in strengthening the enamel, is present in abundance in tea. Also, the antioxidants present in tea fight up against bacteria and various gum diseases.
3.     Replace your soft drink with tea: another health benefit of tea is that it helps in fastening the calories burning process. And thus, it helps in keeping the body fat in check. Also, if you are looking for a healthier refreshment drink, opt for tea rather than a soft drink as tea has a much lower calorie count compared to soft drinks.
4.     Tea helps in boosting memory: tea has been associated with the boosting of the memory power of the brain. Especially green tea helps in strengthening the memory cells present in the brain. Drinking tea also benefits by protecting the cells against dementia and also against Alzheimer’s disease.
5.     Fighting cancer with tea: it has been shown scientifically that drinking tea results in lowering the risk of cancer, particularly mouth, breast and prostate cancer. Polyphenols present in tea act as active cancer-fighting agents. Thus, the benefits of hot tea include the cancer-fighting properties.
6.     Increase the metabolic rate with tea: among various health benefits of tea, this one is confined specifically to green tea. Drinking green tea regularly helps in increasing the metabolic rate which correspondingly increases the calories burning capacity of the body.
7.     Removal of free radicals from the body: tea has a high capacity of absorbing oxygen radicals. Thus it helps in removing the free radicals from the body which can potentially damage the DNA.
Tea benefits include boosting the immune system of the body to fight off infections.
Regular drinking of tea helps in counteracting the ill effects of smoking thereby reducing the risk of lung cancer among smokers.
Even though tea contains caffeine, it helps in keeping the body well hydrated. The benefits of lemon tea include improving digestion, soothing pain and headache, preventing nausea and many others.

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