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 Top 10 benefits of drinking water

Drinking enough amount of water is a must for everyone if you do not want your body to become the host of various diseases. It is also said sometimes, that if you keep drinking plenty of water and keep your body well hydrated you will be able to keep hundreds of diseases away from your body. The benefits of drinking water are countless and thus it becomes important to discuss the vital benefits so that you can include the optimum quantity of water in your life. With a busy lifestyle and rush hours, it may sometimes become difficult to keep track of the quantity of water that you consume each day. But do not forget that health always comes first and thus you should keep reminding yourself to drink water from time to time. Various benefits of drinking water are:

1. Water helps in relieving fatigue: if you often feel low and lethargic, just gulp down a glass of water to replenish your body fluid. Fatigue is associated with inadequate functioning of the body due to low consumption of water. One of the first signs of dehydration is fatigue. Whether at work or at home, try drinking water from time to time to avoid fatigue. Low water content leads to a decline in the volume of blood. Due to the low volume of blood, the heart feels the pressure as it has to work harder to provide oxygenated blood for the body. This also puts pressure on other organs of the body.

2. Improvement of mood: do you often annoyed and feel that you are unable to think of a situation? This is also attributed to the fact that your body must be dehydrated due to a lack of water. Thus benefits of drinking water including putting you in good mood.

3. Treatment of headache and migraine: migraine pains and headaches are associated with the dehydration of the body. Whenever your head feels heavy, try to drink water to avoid headaches and migraine pains.

4. Digestion help with water: water is very important for the proper function of the digestive system. Drinking water helps in the prevention of constipation and other related issues. If fluid intake is low, the colon tries to keep the water from stool so as to maintain the hydration level of the body thus creating difficulty in the process of excretion. When the hydration level of the body is optimum, it helps in boosting the proper functioning of the digestive system. Drinking warm water has proved to be very beneficial for proper bowel movements.

5. Water helps to lose weight: benefits of drinking water include suppression of appetite. It has been observed that drinking water before meals helps in suppressing the appetite and gives you the feeling of being full before you actually indulge in overeating. Drinking water reduces the capacity to overeat. Water also helps in burning the body fat and involves in promoting the breakdown of fat cells. Try to substitute your soft drinks with water as it allows you to consume fewer calories and also gives your body overall benefits.

6. Water Removes toxins from the body: waterworks as a perfect detoxifier in flushing out various toxins from the body. Water is vital in removing the waste from the body through sweat and urine. The proper functioning of kidneys is dependent on water intake. This is because if water consumption is low for the body, it results in the concentration of salts and minerals resulting in kidney stones. Water helps in diluting these salts thus preventing kidney stones. It is advised to drink water as per the thirst signal and you can also include other water-based drinks for your fluid intake.

7. Regulation of body temperature: benefits of drinking water also include regulating the temperature of the body. Waterworks towards maintaining the body temperature by allowing the heat to escape from the body owing to its thermal properties. Water also helps in the prevention of sprains and cramps by maintaining the joints well lubricated.

8. Healthy and clear skin: water helps in improving the blood flow through capillaries. This keeps the skin young and glowing. Water is also associated with the replenishment of skin tissues, moisturizing the skin well in increasing the skin’s elasticity. With a well-hydrated body, you get soft, smooth, and younger-looking skin. Water also helps in the prevention of wrinkles and acne.

9. Water provides relief from hangovers: since alcohol is a diuretic, it can lead to dehydration. Drinking water is one simple method by which you can get easy relief from hangovers as it helps in replenishing the fluid level of the body.

10. Water Prevents bad breath: if you often get complaints about bad breath, it may be a sign that you are not drinking enough amount of water as per your body needs. Drinking water helps in removing the bacteria as well as the food particles that result in bad breath.
Drinking water is many times associated with losing weight
Drinking water to lose weight follows a simple rule – make your stomach feel full. It works on the fact that when you drink water very often and especially prior to a meal, it makes your stomach feel fuller thus reducing your tendency to go back on snacking from time to time. Sometimes we find ourselves questing why drinking water is important? The importance of drinking water can be judged from the fact that even if you try to survive even a few hours without water you will start feeling irritated and lethargic; the body can not function properly without the support of water. The benefits of drinking hot water include the effect on the digestive system. Hot water especially benefits people suffering from bowel movement problems. Very often, to purify the water and to remove certain bacteria, the addition of chlorine in drinking water is common practice

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